Cost per Action (CPA) & Cost per Sale (CPS)


CPA known in the online world as Cost Per Action and CPS known as Cost Per Sale are two different internet marketing methods adopted to achieve two different goals. With CPA marketing, the objective is to publicize a series of products and get potential customers to register or sign-up, qualifying them to receive more information or future offers relating to the product or products they are interested. With CPS marketing, the purpose is to advertise and persuade opportunity seekers or opportunity buyers to order any product or products they think useful for personal development or start an online or home based business.


Whether it is CPA marketing or CPS marketing, both methods are related to Affiliate Marketing. While the advertiser get paid if a customer click on an online product link, fill out a form, install or download a software, an app or whatever in CPA marketing. For CPS marketing the advertiser get paid only if a customer actually purchase a product online.


The CPA Affiliate marketing has now developed to a multi-billion dollar industry and hundreds of top class Affiliate Marketers are earning thousands of dollars every month in commission from various CPA Networks.


Large organizations around the world use various CPA networks to showcase their products and services while the CPA Networks enlist eligible affiliate marketers to send customers to those websites to get prospective customer information (leads) who are interested in those products or services. These large organizations pay to CPA Networks and they in turn pay the Affiliate Marketers which can be labeled as a Win-Win Venture.


Next is getting approved by the CPA Networks. Some Networks will approve the application fast. But to get approved by large Networks one should demonstrate as an experienced affiliate marketer and meet the Networks’ eligibility criteria to be accepted. Large networks will analyze whether the affiliate marketer has knowledge in CPA marketing and specifically what are the methods used by the market to driving traffic to their website. So having a registered Blog or Website with contents related to the products showcased in the site whether it is Computer Games, Nutrition, Fitness, Education, Parenting or Sports and a significant amount of quality daily visitors (also known as traffic) to that blog or website is vital.


Most affiliate marketers use Mini or Micro Sites that are known as 1-page websites to promote affiliate products to get accepted by the CPA Network. Using a 1-page mini or micro site only one product is promoted. For each Niche, a 1-page website is created to drive traffic and get the most out of traffic.


For beginners of CPA Marketing, there are many sources that sell readymade Mini or Micro 1-page websites available for a small fee for any Niche. Just buy and them and drive traffic using Solo Ads, Social Media Platforms, Search Engine Optimization, Landing Pages and all other CPA Network approved methods of advertising to drive traffic.


While free advertising can be used to drive traffic to CPA related Websites or Blogs, it is a good option to use paid advertising as they will bring in quality visitors. With CPA marketing there is not necessity to make a sale to get paid. Even if a customer simply fill a form or install an App the affiliate will get paid by the Network. So it is recommended to use paid advertising to get quality clicks making it easy to earn a significant income on a regular basis.


These are most basic recommended techniques to start CPA affiliate marketing projects. By taking courses or working with Top Class CPA Marketers a great amount of money could be made through CPA.





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